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Baltic sea is rarely considered a true sea in the Western Europe, however it does hide some real treasures, also for us, fishermen. The guys from the FLPS-section Pêche en Mer know it very well and go to Poland every year, looking for cod and other nice fish. I have a colleague who decided to try his luck at the Polish coast with his fly-fishing rod and look for some trout. Before he went we discussed the challenge and I could give him some advice which later proved so valuable. In particular, as his double-hauls are still far from perfect, I told he him to take a running line and a shooting head in order to gain on distance. I recommended also attaching a stickleback imitation. And yes, during his first two hours he caught two beautiful fish, one sea and one brown trout! Carry on the god job!

Baltic beach Baltic sea Brown sea trout Sea trout

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