Autumn graylings

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Not many entries recently as the fishing became very challenging – the trout are protected from the end of September so only graylings can now be targeted with flies. Barbels have somehow disappeared from the water, chubs are naturally still there and in big quantities as usual but I’m afraid they’re only fishable with streamers (that I don’t fish with normally). I don’t want to be boring but yes, the damn dam is doing it’s job, recently the big releases of water take place very often and when such flood wave devastates the river you can forget about fishing. Graylings are quite numerous in the Sure and its affluents despite the fact that the State releases there only relatively small quantities of fish and of private owners only 3% do according to the latest data, which can be probably partly attributed to the fact that the Pisciculture in Lintgen doesn’t have graylings material. I still don’t have all graylings spots worked out, so I’m still experimenting, this concerns also flies but in general all pinkies work fine, while orange ones are also effective. I try to use nymphs in tandem with dries whenever I can, but recently only heavy nymphs who often touch the bottom seem to be popular among the fish. My favourite water are tiny streams hidden somewhere in the forest where I’m completely alone, if we don’t count the company of numerous fish.

small river

They are full of trout and graylings and, what’s equally important, don’t depend on the dam.
Otherwise it’s only thanks to patient exploration of every promising post that you can fish a grayling now. In the summer I like to be mobile and cover big distances, this must change now. However, it’s a different kind of satisfaction when you finally work the fish out. I think I’ll continue till the season closure in December, hope the fish will remain cooperative like the ones on the video below:


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