Difficult season 2016

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No new entries for some time. Reason? This beginning of the season was simply a catastrophe. The guys from the dam were releasing cold water every single day from the middle November, whole period of trout mating period. Add to this very late Spring and you have a mixture which is nothing but ‘perfect’. I started fishing this year on the 16th of March already, in Belgium. The water had 4 grades, nothing worked. Then it wasn’t any better, insects were very late to hatch and I saw first fish feeding on them only in May! So far only few mediocre trips with a dozen of dry-fly caught fish, mainly small. I don’t count those caught on streamer, for me it’s rather a hybrid, fly-spin method. Yesterday though it was quite interesting, All started
with a terrible storm that caught me 10 minutes before my fishing lot in the Sauer, the temperature dropped by 10 grades and the water became immediately

dirty, I knew I could expect ‘the best’. I should have given up immediately but decided to stay and try my luck. After 45 minutes of dry and nymph
fishing I reminded myself about a box of streamers in my backpack. Then
the show began, I had a strike of a 35 cm with the first cast, then
every 2 minutes on average. I had my ultra-dry-fly 2 m delicate rod so
used only light baits working directly under surface, saw every single
attack. In around 2h I had approx. 60 strikes but….no single fish
hooked. They were all fish above 30 cm, some nearer 40, they attacked
every kind and colour of streamers but were apparently in ‘no-kill’
mode. This was simply unbelievable, I need to ask Eurostat how it’s
possible statistically-wise. I learned on this occasion how many big
fish live in my lot, they were simply everywhere, behind every stone.
I’ll see perhaps 10% of  them with fly-fishing methods, that’s really
sad. However, now I know that you can have fun even on totally hopeless
days, on the condition you have a bunch of streamers. To my joy, the most efficient turned out to be my own baits, even if they don’t look very much spectacular yet.

Having said this, I’m still waiting for the real season to begin.caddis

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