Grayling, grayling, grayling!

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I undertook today’s fly-fishing trip with great hopes as the weather seemed to have finally stabilised, there was some rain lately and the sun was hidden behind the clouds, simply perfect. However, after 3 hours I had only one 25 cm trout and the fish I mostly saw were those pushy chubs. No, I’m not obsessed, they were everywhere, including another big shoal of around 20 fish behind which were shyly hiding two small trout. A disaster, in short.  I started to return to my car going downstream and making some occasional casts. Then, suddenly, my fly got swallowed by a fish whose purple-edged dorsal fin made it clear: a grealing! It was a nice one and the fight was tough. I didn’t insist as I really wanted it to make it to my landing net. Unfortunately, after around 2 minutes it simply ‘spit out’ the fly! It was very sad, my biggest one so far simply flew down the stream…..Almost automatically I started casting again, hoping to catch one of his (even if smaller) colleagues. I don’t need to say how happy I was when after 4-5 casts my old friend took the fly again! The fish was already tired and I was even more determined so the compromise was achieved quite fast, it let itself to the landing net and I, from my side, didn’t bother him too long. So the photo is perhaps not ideal but I just wanted to make sure not to do any wrong to this delicate fish:


35 cm grayling will not sound very majestically for some (e.g. Scandinavian readers) but here it is already a nice fish and I’m very proud to be the one to caught it. I hope from now on the graylings will only visit more often my landing net.

I caught both fish today (trout + grayling) with the same fly:


This is for me what French fishermen call “sauve bredouille”, i.e. the last hope in difficult times, just like today.

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