Fly fishing 2015

Luxurious fly-fishing blog

Above is my first true video dedicated to fly-fishing in Luxembourg. So far I was only publishing tubes around spin fishing but from now on you it will be rather with the flies that I will intend to seduce the fish. As mentioned in the video the Spring was quite generous, I could fly-fish even up to 30 fish during a short 4-hours session. Yet, then came July, the hottest I remember here, one day I measured the temperature and it was 24 degrees in the Upper Sure! The fish we were taking out were so tired that even after a short fight they would need a long therapy for a full recovery. I hope the temperatures will lower a bit in August,otherwise I’ll have to wait for September, the last month for trout!


Luxurious fly-fishing blog


Welcome to my new LUXurious Fly-fishing blog dedicated to the most beatiful fishing method in Luxembourgish waters. I fly-fish in the Éislek which is Luxembourgish name for the northern part of the country, wild and full of trout and grayling -type streams and creeks. I’ll regularly post here not only reportages from my fishing trips but also news concerning fish and fishing in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries, summaries of articles in the fishing press, some research results, etc., in brief, it should be quite interesting.

To tease you a bit please find a photo of a nice shoal of 30+ trout released this year into the Northern waters.